Who We Are

GOOD FOOD FOR ALL is a network of community-based, grassroots and national organizations who share a commitment to working collaboratively to advance racial equity through federal food and farm policy.


To transform federal food & farm policy through lifting up marginalized voices, community engagement, political education, and collaborative advocacy strategies.

Shared Definition of a good food system

A just, equitable and sustainable food system is one that provides physical, economic and community health; regenerates, protects, and respects natural resources and animals; and ensures that all people live with dignity and freedom from oppression and exploitation.

To achieve this, we must:

  • Prioritize the leadership, decision-making, and community self-determination of small- and medium- scale farmers, farmers of color, farm workers, food chain workers, indigenous people, low-income people, women, and communities of color.
  • Change policies, systems, and institutional practices to target resources and benefits towards historically disinvested communities, with particular attention to the well-being of children and families in these communities
  • Build resilient local food economies grounded in sustainable agriculture and just distribution of economic benefits

The Union Of Concerned Scientists

Good Food for All is convened by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) Food & Environment Program. UCS’ F&E team is committed to achieving a sustainable agriculture and food system that produces healthier and more just outcomes for all people. Our work is focused on technical analysis of federal food and farm policy to create sustainable and practical solutions to problems facing our food systems. We recognize the underlying social systems of oppression that leave marginalized communities most vulnerable in the fight for good food. By raising diverse voices and highlighting examples of local success and innovations, we hope to build political power in calling for transformational systemic changes to our nation’s food policies.

Community organizing is integral to this goal. We acknowledge our role as being one that supports POC and grassroots leadership through our expertise and resources. Through community outreach, participation in the Good Food For All Coalition, and our research, we seek to uplift the needs of communities who have been historically left out of conversations that affect their livelihood the most.

We recognize the historical and current tensions of working with white led organizations and how communities of color have been impacted by poorly designed projects and campaigns. While we seek guidance in our research, advocacy, and projects, we understand that the primary commitment of GFFA members is to their organizations and communities.

UCS offers support to GFFA partner organizations in the following forms:

Guest Blogs

We want to uplift the work of food systems leaders by using our platform to celebrate your success, acknowledge your needs, and amplify work aligned with UCS’ mission.

Mini Grants

Mini-grants are funded by the Lumpkin Foundation, awarded by the GFFA Funding Advisory Board, and disbursed by UCS to GFFA members. The purpose of GFFA mini-grants is to enable members of communities that have been historically excluded from federal food and agriculture negotiations to generate, refine, and advocate for their policy priorities and innovations. Projects funded through the grants will be used to increase member collaboration and channel the expertise, skills, and knowledge of the GFFA coalition to strengthen its capacity to inform the policy-making process.


We strive for a community-driven approach to research to ensure that we are asking the right questions to achieve equitable, community led solutions through scientific data. Our team consists of about 13 individuals with economic, food systems and public health, social systems, agroecology, communications, outreach, and research
expertise. We welcome feedback on our research and methods, and offer any information within our scope and capacity.

Congressional relationships and updates

UCS maintains close relationships with Members of Congress urging them to support science-based policy solutions. We leverage our DC-based connections to uplift community-based needs and facilitate introductions, meetings, and preparation for advocacy opportunities with our grassroots partners.

Coalitions Coordinator

The Coalitions Coordinator facilitates GFFA conversations and supports the identification and development of shared goals, policy objectives, and written materials; builds meaningful relationships with and between coalition members; engages partners in key aspects of joint work and resources; organizes logistics for coalition events; works to build member-led coalition initiatives; advances UCS’ equity goals in food policy to support grassroots organizations working on food and sustainable agriculture issues.