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Good Food for All

We are a collaborative that unites grassroots and national organizations around a vision for a just, equitable, and sustainable food system.

Who We Are

We are working to transform our food system through lifting up marginalized voices, community engagement, political education, and collaborative advocacy strategies. We believe in a food system that puts equity and racial justice at the core.

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We believe in a food system that:

  • Centers Equity and Racial Justice
  • Ends Hunger and Incentivize Nutricious, Affordable, Accessible Food
  • Fights the Climate Crisis Head On
  • Ensure Safety and Dignity for Food and Farm Workers
  • Fully Serve Small-Scale Farmers and Consumers
Hands together holding fertile soil and back farmer working the land

What is a Good Food system?

A just, equitable and sustainable food system is one that provides physical, economic and community health; regenerates, protects, and respects natural resources and animals; and ensures that all people live with dignity and freedom from oppression and exploitation.